Faculty & Staff



International Visiting Scholar (9/1/2021 - 2/28/2022)
Assistant Professor, University of French Polynesia (Tahiti, South Pacific)
National Accreditation to Supervise Research (HDR), University of French Polynesia


PhD, University of Bordeaux, 2023
MA, Criminal Law- University of Bordeaux, 2023


Sarah-Marie Cabon is an Assistant professor of Law at University of French Polynesia. She earned her PHD in Comparative Criminal Law at the Criminal sciences and Legal studies Institute at the University of Bordeaux. She was a summer intern at Philadelphia City Hall (2009-2012) for the Office of the honorable President Judge Pamela Pryor Dembe.

Academics Interests

Comparative Criminal Procedure (Common Law vs French Law), Corporate Criminal Law, Law and Anthropology, and Restorative Justice. She is currently a member of the writing committee of the RPDP Journal for criminal cases brought before the European Court of Human Rights.

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