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Professor of Law
Director, Pacific-Asian Legal Studies Program
Director, University of Hawai'i Center for Japanese Studies


BBA, University of Michigan, 1980
JD, Yale Law School, 1983
LLM, University of Washington, 1990


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Professor Levin joined the Richardson Law School faculty in January 1997 from the Law Department of Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan. After graduating from Yale Law School in 1983, Professor Levin developed an interest in Japan while working in international business and financial transactions at Masuda and Ejiri, one of Tokyo’s leading international law offices at the time.

From 1984 to 1986, he clerked for U.S. District Court Judge John C. Coughenour in Seattle, Washington, and then practiced in Seattle for five years as a corporate attorney, representing numerous Japanese clients. Professor Levin also earned an LL.M. from the University of Washington’s Asian Law Program (Japanese Law Emphasis) in 1990.

In 1992, Professor Levin was one of the first recipients of a Blakemore Foundation Grant for Advanced Asian Language Study, which enabled him to study at the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies in Yokohama for one year. This was followed by a Japan Foundation Fellowship for one year of research at the Tokyo University Faculty of Law. He was then invited to Hokkaido University to become the first non-Japanese person given full status as a faculty member in the law department, teaching a variety of subjects concerning American law and advising graduate student researchers on related topics.

Professor Levin’s scholarly publications consist of diverse topics including judicial administration and procedural justice in Japan, smoking and tobacco regulation in Japan, legal education in Japan, and the legal circumstances of race and indigenous peoples in Japan. His briefer writings have looked at Japanese legal history, Japan’s lay judge system and criminal justice in Japan, and the April 2007 Japanese Supreme Court decision concerning the nation’s history of sexual slavery and forced labor during mid-20th century wartime engagements in Asia and the Pacific. His works have been published in leading law journals in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

In addition to several shorter works, Professor Levin’s recent research has been centered around a multi-year project focusing on gender and law in Japan. Completed components of the project  include a bibliography (with Kallista Hiraoka, WSRSL ‘20) of English language publications in the field through 2018, a working paper examining Japan’s first women lawyers and related subjects, and an extensive piece exploring the history and status quo of women in the Japanese legal academy, which has been published in full in English and a portion of the work in Japanese (with Makoto Kurokawa, WSRSL ‘20).

In January 2024, Professor Levin was elected to serve as chair of the American Association of Law Schools’ Section on East Asian Law and Society. He has also served on the Editorial Advisory Board of The Journal of Japanese Studies, the Hawai‘i Supreme Court Committee on Certification of Court Interpreters and its Permanent Committee on Equality and Access to the Courts, and as Vice-Chair of the State of Hawai‘i Tobacco Prevention and Control Trust Fund Advisory Board from 2007 to 2009. In 2015, Professor Levin was selected as a member of the 5th cohort of the University of Hawai‘i President’s Emerging Leadership Program. He has also served on the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Faculty Senate and as chair of the Japan Studies Endowment Committee.

In addition to his role at the Law School, Professor Levin concurrently serves as the Director of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa’s Center for Japanese Studies and the Chair of the University’s East Asia Council, serving as the Principal Investigator for over $2.3 Million of Title VI federal funding on a four year cycle for student scholarships and programming.


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  • 5th Cohort, University of Hawai’i President’s Emerging Leaders Program, 2015-16.
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Japanese Studies, May 2011 – May 2015.
  • Advisory Board, Blakemore Foundation, Seattle, Washington, 1998 – 2008 
  • Supreme Court Permanent Committee on Equality and Access to the Courts, Supreme Court of the State of Hawai‘i, July 2004 – June 2007.
  • Hawai‘i State Tobacco Prevention and Control Trust Fund Advisory Board, April 2007 – June 2009; Vice-chair, November 2007 – June 2009.
  • University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Faculty Senate, March 2011 – August 2012.
  • Visiting Scholar, Hokkaido University Law School, Sapporo, Japan, June-July 2007, June-July 2009, July-August 2011.
  • Visiting Lecturer, Meijo University Law School, Nagoya, Japan, June 2007.
  • Visiting Lecturer, San’in Law School, Matsue, Japan, March 2007.
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