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Interim Director of Academic Success
Deputy Director - Institute of Asian-Pacific Business Law
Lecturer in Law


JD, William S. Richardson School of Law, 2015
MBA, Liberty University , 2009
BS, Liberty University, 2008


Garrett is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor and Interim Director of Academic Success at the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Garrett graduated from the Part Time Program at Richardson in 2015, where he served as Co-EIC of the Asian-Pacific Law and Policy Journal and regional champion member of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Team. After graduation, he clerked at the Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals, operated his own law firm, and provided business consulting and lobbying services to cannabis industry participants across the country.

Garrett works in the fields of law and economics, secured transactions and real property, academic success, and cannabis law. The majority of his research to date focuses on the regulatory conditions necessary to effectively create and nurture nascent, domestic pharmaceutical industries. Starting with a general theory developed based on an international comparative analysis, he have spent the last seven years applying and evaluating the predictions of that theory in the policy trenches of the early medical cannabis pharmaceutical industry in Hawai‘i. His 2016 white paper, written before the start of Hawaii’s medical cannabis industry, applied this general theory to accurately predict the current stagnation of Hawaii’s medical cannabis industry.

Garrett’s recent work evaluates theories of social equity in the creation of new cannabis industries and how such theories can be integrated into a regulatory system that fosters the growth of new cannabis industries. He is also gathering a novel dataset of the last fifteen years of Hawai‘i state foreclosure data to analyze the impact of recent contrasting governance from the Hawai‘i State Legislature and Hawai‘i State Supreme Court on the foreclosure process in Hawaii.

As a Lecturer-in-Law at the William S. Richardson School of Law, Garrett created and taught, or co-taught, classes in secured transactions, real property, cannabis law, legal writing, and bar success.

Garrett has extensive professional experience working as an attorney, appeals court law clerk, lobbyist, government policy consultant, law school academic advisor, bar success tutor, college policy debate coach, and business consultant.

Specific research interests include: Regulating nascent industries, economic development and social equity, historical property law in Hawaii, foreclosure law, theories of legal education, and secured transactions and cryptocurrency/web 3.


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