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Fred T. Korematsu Professor of Law and Social Justice
Regents’ Medalist for Excellence in Teaching


BA, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, 1975
JD, UC Berkeley School of Law, 1978


Eric K. Yamamoto is the Fred T. Korematsu Professor of Law and Social Justice at the William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawai`i.  He is nationally and internationally recognized for his legal work and scholarship on civil procedure as well as national security and civil liberties, civil and human rights and social justice, with an emphasis on reconciliation initiatives and reparations for historic injustice.

Professor Yamamoto has received eight “outstanding law teacher awards,” including the Outstanding Law Professor for 2006 from the nationwide Society of American Law Teachers.  He has also received the University of Hawaii’s highest honor – the Regents Medal for Teaching Excellence.

Professor Yamamoto is a prolific scholar. His books include, Healing the Persisting Wounds of Historic Injustice: United States, South Korea and the Jeju 4.3 Tragedy (2021); Race, Rights and National Security: Law and the Japanese American Incarceration (with Bannai and Chon) (Wolter Kluwer 3rd ed. 2021); In the Shadow of Korematsu: Democratic Liberties and National Security (2018 Oxford Press); The Jeju 4.3 Tragedy: Next Steps Toward Reconciliation (translated into Korean) (co-authored with Pettit and Lee) (2015); and Interracial Justice (New York U. Press 2000) (award for among best North American Social Justice books for 2000).  He has published over 100 articles and book chapters. 

His earlier article “Racializing Environmental Justice” was selected in 2021 by the Colorado Law Review as one of the four best articles on systemic racism published by the law review in its 40-year history.  It was republished in 2021 along with his new “Racializing Environmental Justice – Indigenous People” essay (with Serrano).  His article in the Berkeley Asian American Law Journal, “Loaded Weapon Revisited:  The Import of Justice Jackson’s Warning in Korematsu” (lead article 2017), was selected by the Immigration Law Journal as among nation’s best immigration law articles published in 2017.  Other recent journal publications include “Masquerading Behind a Façade of National Security” in the Yale Law Journal (Forum 2019); “Human Rights and Reparative Justice:  The 2018 Reopening of the Jeju 4.3 Mass Convictions Through the Lens of the Coram Nobis Japanese American WWII Incarceration Cases” in the World Environmental and Island Studies Journal (2019); and “Critical Procedure:  ADR and the Justices `Second Wave’ Constriction of Court Access and Claim Development” in the Southern Methodist Law Review (lead volume article 2017) (republished in part in the forthcoming book Critical Procedure).  

In 2020, Professor Yamamoto received the Daniel K. Inouye Trailblazer Award, the highest honor of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association.  In 2013 the Conference of Asian Pacific American Law Faculty created the perpetual “Professor Eric Yamamoto Emerging Scholar Award” to be given yearly to an outstanding young scholar nationwide.  His other awards include the “American Courage Award” in Washington D.C. given by Asian American Justice organizations for his early advocacy against the Iraq War; the San Francisco Equal Justice Society’s inaugural “Scholar Advocate” Award; the Hawai`i Consumer Lawyers “Patsy Mink Justice Award;” the American Board of Trial Attorneys “Ha`heo Community Justice Award;” and the Japanese American Citizens League-Honolulu’s “Distinguished Community Service Award”.  In 2001-2002 he was named to the prestigious “Haywood Burns Chair in Civil Rights” for New York.  He was also selected as a “Rockefeller Foundation Resident Fellow” in Bellagio, Italy, for interaction among international scholars and policymakers.

Professor Yamamoto’s scholarship, teaching and advocacy emerge in two realms.  First – starting with his work as Korematsu coram nobis legal team member in reopening the World War II Japanese American incarceration case and continuing with post-9/11 disputes – he works with others toward a balanced accommodation of security and liberty in American democracy.

Second, he works with communities to repair the damage – heal the persisting wounds – of acknowledged injustice to people and communities.  This reparative justice and reconciliation work has encompassed the United Church of Christ and Native Hawaiian churches; Native Hawaiian Homeland trust beneficiaries and the State of Hawai`i; the indigenous Ainu claims to land and cultural resurrection in Japan; the Jeju, South Korea “Peacetime” Tragedy; the Korean World War II military sex slaves reparative justice claims; the Jeju 4.3 Tragedy; the Filipino human rights claims against the former Marcos regime; and the African American reparations suit for the 1921 Tulsa race riot.  He has authored amicus briefs to US Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal. 

Professor Yamamoto integrates into this work “Scholar Advocate” law students who participate in a program he created for developing and translating cutting-edge justice theory for usage on the front-lines.  He has been a visiting professor at the University of California Berkeley School of Law (his alma mater), the Santa Clara Law School and the City University of New York Law School and has delivered many keynote addresses and distinguished lectures – including presentations to appellate and trial judges, states’ attorneys general and scholars at universities, including Oxford, Berkeley, Michigan, Washington, UCLA, Yale and Harvard, Paris/Tour, Seoul, Jeju, and Hokkaido.



  • JEJU 4.3 SOLUTIONS:  KOREA – UNITED STATES JEJU 4.3 TASK FORCE (with Pettit & Lee, translated into Korean by Jin Ho Kim) (2015)
  • RACE RIGHTS AND REPARATION: LAW AND THE JAPANESE AMERICAN INTERNMENT (with Chon, Izumi, Kang and Wu) (second edition 2013) (Wolter Kluwer/Aspen Press) * First Edition 2001
  • INTERRACIAL JUSTICE: CONFLICT AND RECONCILIATION IN POST-CIVIL RIGHTS AMERICA (2000) (New York University Press) Gustavus Meyers Outstanding Books Award for 2000

Journals Articles and Book Chapters

  • Racializing Environmental Justice — Indigenous People, Colorado Law Review (forthcoming 2021) (with Serrano) 
  • Foreword — Improving Student Achievement Through the Creation of Relationships:  A Critical Race Theory Counter Story (Dora Dome 2020)
  • “Masquerading Behind a Façade of National Security” (with Oyama), 128 Yale L. J. 688 (Forum 2019) HeinOnline | SSRN | ScholarSpace
  • Human Rights and Reparative Justice: The 2018 Reopening of the Jeju 4.3 Mass Convictions Through the Lens of the Coram Nobis Japanese American WWII Incarceration Cases (with Katano, Oyama, Crowell), World Env’t and Isl. Studies J. (lead article) (Spring 2019) SSRN
  • Reconciliation Revitalized Through an Official Apology for the Wrongful Jeju 4.3 Mass Convictions (with Oyama and Katano), World Env’t and Isl. Studies J. (Spring 2019) SSRN
  • Critical Procedure: ADR and the Justices’ `Second Wave’ Constriction of Court Access and Claim Development, 70 SMU L. R. 765 (2017) (lead article second volume) HeinOnline | SSRN |ScholarSpace
  • Loaded Weapon Revisited: The Import of Justice Jackson’s Warning in Korematsu (with Vanaclocha and Tokioka), 24 Berkeley Asian Am. L. J. 5 (2017) (lead article). Selected one of best immigration law articles for 2017 (reprinted in Immigration and Nationality Law Review). HeinOnline | SSRN | ScholarSpace
  • Power Dynamics of Color on Color: Grappling with Grievances to Forge Alliances (with Jenssen), in INTERGROUP CONFLICT AND CONCILIATION 17 (Chang and Robinson eds. 2017)
  • A Crucial 2016 Next Step Toward “Jeju April Third” Reconciliation: United States Joint Responsibility for Social Healing Through Justice 219 (with Pettit et al.), in THE PEACETIME JEJU 4.3 GRAND TRAGEDY: RECONCILIATION INITIATIVES IN ASIA AND THE PACIFIC (Ko and Kim eds. 2016)
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  • Reparations Theory and Practice Then and Now: Mau Mau Reparations Litigation and the British High Court (with Serrano), 18 UCLA Asian Pac. Am L. J. 71 (2014). HeinOnline | SSRN | ScholarSpace
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Selected Other Publications

  • National Security and Democratic Liberties, Honolulu Star Advertiser, Feb. 17, 2017
  • Stereotypes Damage Our Community (with Serrano), Honolulu Advertiser, June 26, 2008
  • Kamehameha Schools Admissions Don’t Violate Civil Rights, IMUA 20 (2005) ScholarSpace
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  • What’s Next?: Life After Japanese American Reparations, J. Am. Bar Assoc. N’ltr 2 (July-August 1998)
  • Will Reparations Buy Justice for All?, Et al. 34 (Fall/Winter 1995)
  • Summing Up, Courts in the 21st Century, Proceedings of Hawaii Judicial Foresight Congress 33 (1993)
  • Ethics and Engagement in Legal Education, in In Celebration of Teaching, 61 (Center for Teaching Excellence 1991)
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