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This class teaches litigation skills through the prosecution of real, minor criminal cases and the simulation of a major civil trial. After about three weeks of classroom discussions and simulations, students prosecute real traffic and misdemeanor cases for the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. The classroom component meets throughout the semester and is designed to meet the needs of students interested in both civil and criminal litigation.  Courtroom work is supervised by Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys.  Simulated cases are critiqued by the faculty and practicing lawyers. The course can be taken as a 2, 3 or 4 credit class. The 2 and 3-credit options have fewer court appearances and class meetings, and does not include the mock civil trial which uses expert witnesses.  Co-requisite: Evidence (LAW 543).

Uh Mānoa Catalog Description

(B) prosecution clinic; (C) defense clinic; (D) elder law clinic; (E) environmental law clinic; (G) estate planning workshop; (I) native Hawaiian rights clinic; (J) family law clinic; (K) entrepreneurship and small business clinic; (M) mediation clinic; (N) lawyering skills workshop; (P) mediation workshop; (Q) immigration clinic; (R) child welfare clinic; (S) Hawai'i Innocence Project I; (T) Hawai'i Innocence Project II; (U) legislation and statutory interpretation. Repeatable one time for (K). LAW majors only for (R), (S), (T) and (U). CR/NC and letter grade option for (J); CR/NC only for (N), (P), and (Q). Pre: 543 for (B) and (C); 521 or consent for (D); 529 or 561 or LWEV 582 for (E); 552 and 567, or consent for (G); 568 or consent for (J); 548 for (Q). (Once a year for (K)) (Alt. years for (U))

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