International Human Rights Advocacy

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This course will teach students how to engage in the United Nations Charter-based human rights mechanism or treaty-based mechanism in cooperation with the international or domestic human rights organizations. The course provides students with an opportunity to develop skills for legal consultancy, advocacy, international litigation, and/or other legal practice for promoting and protecting human rights. The course consists of seminars on selected aspects of international human rights norms, institutions, and legal skills for fact-finding, evidence gathering, interviewing, campaigning, and reporting, which will be combined with targeted activities for international human rights advocacy. Students will choose the topic of his or her activities for the semester in consultation with the professor, and each enrolled student will join a group with similar issue areas approved by the professor.

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Applying international human rights law and legal skills to promote and protect human rights by way of United Nations Charter-based human rights mechanism, treaty-based mechanism, or other international human rights institutions. 

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