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This course teaches how to research legal issues in foreign jurisdictions and how to research topics in international law.  It is especially useful for students who are writing or are planning to write a note or paper on a foreign legal system or a public international law topic.  This course will teach you how to use the library system at UH to conduct foreign and international law research.  It will also focus on the use of proprietary databases and open access resources to complete your research.  The first half of class will focus on the basics of public international law research.  You will be required to create a research guide on an international law topic of your choice.  The second first half of the course focuses on different types of legal systems and the important sources of law for them.  You will be required to make a 15 to 20 minute oral presentation on a legal system in a country of your choice. This is a 2 credit course.  It is recommended that you have already taken or are simultaneously taking the basic International Law course.

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This course teaches you how to research international law and foreign legal systems. It is an ideal course for students researching a paper or moot on an international or foreign law issue. 

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