Child Welfare Clinic

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This class focuses on the issues pertaining to at-risk children and their families. The course is intended to be multidisciplinary in scope, applying and, ideally, blending the analytical lenses of the disciplines of law, social work, nursing, and education.  The class will be clinical in approach, with students working to make a positive impact on the lives of youth through on-site experiences at selected community programs.   Students will collaborate in multidisciplinary teams (class enrollment permitting) on projects that directly benefit young people at their community placement sites. Students will leave the course with improved practice skills, a deeper understanding of interdisciplinary interaction, and valuable connections to other child welfare professionals. This course is offered CR/NCR for law students, but for a grade for the non-law students.  Non-law students should contact Jane Dickson Iijima for registration instructions.

Uh Mānoa Catalog Description

(B) prosecution clinic; (C) defense clinic; (D) elder law clinic; (E) environmental law clinic; (G) estate planning workshop; (I) native Hawaiian rights clinic; (J) family law clinic; (K) entrepreneurship and small business clinic; (M) mediation clinic; (N) lawyering skills workshop; (P) mediation workshop; (Q) immigration clinic; (R) child welfare clinic; (S) Hawai'i Innocence Project I; (T) Hawai'i Innocence Project II; (U) legislation and statutory interpretation. Repeatable one time for (K). LAW majors only for (R), (S), (T) and (U). CR/NC and letter grade option for (J); CR/NC only for (N), (P), and (Q). Pre: 543 for (B) and (C); 521 or consent for (D); 529 or 561 or LWEV 582 for (E); 552 and 567, or consent for (G); 568 or consent for (J); 548 for (Q). (Once a year for (K)) (Alt. years for (U))

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