Advanced Legal Research: International & Foreign Law Research

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The Advanced Legal Research course provides depth and advanced research techniques in specific practice areas such as International Law and Hawaii Law. Each course is taught by a different instructor and focuses on a different topic. In this course, we review basic practices and focus on critical analysis of the law and how it changes the courses of your research. These courese employ a vareity of assessment methods. Assessment methods will depend on the topic speciality and the instructors' preferences.

Uh Mānoa Catalog Description

The Advanced Legal Research course is designed to meet the needs of students who require an advanced course on research in a specific area of law. (E) Environmental; (F) Foreign; (H) Hawaii; (I) Internatiional; (P) Practice; (Q) Topic 5; (R) Topic 6; (S) Topic 7; (T) Topic 8; (U) Topic 9; (V) Topic 10.

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